15 July 2024

For those who are not yet aware of her she became viral when she was just 10 years old When she appear on America’s Got Talent for her viral performance a few years back that you can also watch here so with that being said what is the Astrological explanation for this performance or music she has created such as “Bird in a Cage” or “Weight Of The World” These sounds are famous for their haunting vocals and emotional dark depth. She’s literally perfect for modern heavy metal not to mention her age.

According to Famous Birthdays she was born on September, 6th 2011 in England
Sadly we cannot get her rising sign as there’s no exact birth time but we can just enough information to get a basic understanding,

Better than star sign astrology.
Since it also did give a birth place i will be using the capital of England London as the birth location,
This should not affect the accuracy that much.

Sun in VirgoOuter Personality

Virgos are known for their attention to detail and analytical nature. In creative pursuits like songwriting, this can manifest in precise and well-crafted lyrics that convey deep emotions or themes.

With her ego in her favor she can write any lyrics and make it make sense for thousand of people to listen and relate to.

She is the one that will keep everything in order you can always rely on most Virgos in doing their job correctly similar to Capricorn Suns.

Virgo is also associated with service and a desire to be helpful to others. People with the Sun in Virgo often find fulfillment in contributing their skills and knowledge to improve the lives of those around them. In Harpers music, this translates into lyrics that offer guidance, reflect on personal growth, or address societal issues from a practical perspective she’s still young but this is mostly true as well.

Moon in Capricorn Inner Personality

Capricorn Moons are often associated with emotional depth, seriousness, and a strong sense of responsibility not as emotional as Scorpio that’s not afraid of complex emotions or Cancer that is not afraid of emotional deepness but there’s a certain darkness to Capricorn Moon if you do them wrong they are the ones that will turn dark but also cut you off easily and go completely cold towards you, similar to Scorpio but with less emotions involved of course her mars gives her a deep emotional drive which we will get to soon.

This placement suggests that emotions are processed in a structured and disciplined manner, potentially lending a serious and profound tone to her lyrics, The darkness associated with Capricorn Moon also allows her to write dark haunting lyrics.

Capricorn is also a sign associated with status, reputation, and achievement, They will grind and having this sign in her moon which means her emotional world it gives her an emotional urge to achieve in life.

Mercury in LeoCommunication /Thinking

Mercury represents communication and expression. In Leo, Mercury can indicate a flair for dramatic expression, creativity, and a tendency towards self-expression that is bold and confident. This placement could contribute to lyrics that are powerful and assertive.

She likely loves commination and thrives at it easily her communication and thinking process would allow her to take center stage easily.

Mercury in Leo also often have a natural ability to capture attention with their words. They excel in storytelling and can engage listeners with charismatic communication.
This is why her lyrics may have a compelling quality that draws listeners like us in and leaves a lasting impact.

Mercury is very important with how we think and therefore its a very important planet when it comes to song-writing style.

Venus in VirgoLove Language

Venus in Virgo suggests a love for detail and craftsmanship in matters of art and beauty. In the context of lyrics, this mean a focus on the intricacies of emotions and relationships, possibly adding a layer of introspection and depth, We clearly see this with Harper especially with “Weight Of The World” it’s really amazing though.

She would also value relationships highly and when she does get in to them it has to be someone very special as she may not be the one to get into one overnight unlike the water Venus signs that craves romance.

They also tend to be thoughtful and discerning in matters of the heart, carefully analyzing their feelings and the dynamics of their relationships. Harper expresses this in her lyrics through detailed observations of emotions, relationships, and personal experiences once again clearly evident.

Mars in Cancer Energy/Drive

Mars represents how one takes action and asserts themselves. In Cancer, Mars can indicate a strong emotional drive and passion. This placement might contribute to lyrics that are deeply emotive, personal, and connected to themes of relationship issues, family, and roots in herself.

Mars in Cancer individuals are often deeply attuned to their own and others’ emotions. In songwriting, this sensitivity can lead to lyrics that resonate on an emotional level, exploring themes of love, longing, nostalgia, and even melancholy.

Mars in Cancer individuals often have a natural flair for creativity, particularly in areas that allow them to express their emotions authentically. In Harpers case, this placement contributes to the haunting and emotionally resonant quality of her music, as she channels her inner world into her artistic expression,
Many people act like Cancer can’t be as dark as Scorpio but if Cancer is depressed it goes as dark and as deep as the depths of ocean.


We will end this off by saying that these are just her personality planets we have analyzed in this article of course there’s more to her astrologically and as we could not find her birth time we also could not get her rising sign which would rule her chart and her social and first impression personality.

Once again we hope you enjoyed this reading and seeing the accuracy of astrology for yourselves.


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