15 July 2024

No Neil Degrasse Ophiuchus Will Never Be In The Western Zodiac, Here’s Why..

WrldFait By WrldFait Jun 25, 2024

You can watch the video on tik tok here
I be using sarcasm like the peace dealer too as there’s no reason people like this
legitimately exist smh.

In the world of science and astronomy, Neil deGrasse Tyson stands as a prominent figure, renowned for his ability to communicate complex ideas about the universe to the public.
However, when he was on live TV in a public interview speaking about the discussion about the Zodiac signs and their supposed changes influence.

Today we in this article we are going to prove and explain why he is completely wrong and debunk his claims also if you walked away from that video believing any word he said without doing any further research.
i am sorry but you don’t have as much brain cells as him.

He really loves to take a dig at Astrology time and time again yet skeptics like him never know the difference between zodiac constellations, western zodiac and Indian zodiac,
Let alone weird people like them known how to read a natal chart before assuming that Astrology was only intended for “dumb woman” they say not only is that sexist but it’s also wrong and absolutely illogical and pathetic behavior.🤦💀

Western Zodiac Is Based On Seasonal Shifts Not Constellation Shifts

Many people love to take “science” information and go “WeLl ThERe GoEs EvEryOne WiTh ZoDiAc Tats”
ha ha ha.

Since some of you are very slow and lack logic since you listen to a bloody damn astrophysics a scientist advice on a very spiritual topic such as astrology which has NOTHING to do with modern science.
i’m going to be a pre-school teacher here and break it down for your tiny brain cells.

Western Astrology Functionality:

Western Astrology is based on a theoretical belt (the ecliptic) divided into twelve equal parts, each named after a constellation This system transmits information to individual via this system, Zodiac signs are NEVER visible.
All of the individuals western birth chart is built on this system whether you believe the information is being transferred in to the brain or soul at birth its transfer somewhere.

Western Astrology is a fixed system also known as the Tropical Zodiac this is why we have 4 seasons,
12 months and 12 signs.
Spring is a starting point with Aries.

While the Western calendar may not exactly align with it that’s because the calendar is based on Christianity but that’s for another story.

  • Our seasons are only based on the tropics of Cancer and the tropics Of Capricorn,
  • Our seasons also DO NOT have anything to do with Ophiuchus
  • So why do people think Western Astrology is going to be any different?
  • Just like how there’s some evidence that seasons do actually affect personalities Western Astrology is based on a similar idea as you see with the picture above.
  • Ophiuchus has NOTHING to do with our seasons the same idea Western Astrology is based on i say it again

You, You see this isn’t that an amazing secret! 😀
yeah bloody oath mate! you say 🙂

if you are a logical thinker and not a dummy with a small brain that believes anything he/she/they watches or reads by people that don’t study a subject then read this third party article about how the mainstream Zodiac correlates with our seasons its a great read.

Vedic/Indian/Sideral Astrology

Vedic astrology includes unique predictive techniques (such as dashas and yogas) and places significant emphasis on the Moon’s position (Moon sign) alongside the Sun sign. It is deeply rooted in Hindu culture and practices.

In Vedic astrology (Jyotish), the zodiac signs are based on the actual positions of the constellations in the sky, This means zodiac constellations and vedic astrology are the same thing,
Vedic astrology is said to transmit information via the exact zodiac constellations, it has therefore been debated whether Ophiuchus should be included in this system of Astrology.

Zodiac constellations are similar to the vedic zodiac but zodiac constellations are NOTHING AT ALL to do with Western/Tropical Astrology like *tropical* is literally in the name there’s nothing to be confused about, isn’t it amazing that things are named after what they actually are 😀

Now that I have explained the differences with the two zodiacal systems i am now going to explain why so many people still listen to him over an actual astrologist.
People are very easy to manipulate especially due to them being bored on social media doing absolutely nothing people in their life’s.

False Authority Fallacy

According to google we get this “An appeal to authority (also known as an appeal to false or unqualified authority) plays on people’s feelings of respect or familiarity towards a famous person to bypass critical thinking. It’s like someone is telling us “accept this because some authority said it.”

So because this guy has a special science badge people are going to be like “Wow Thats SciEnce RiGht HeRe” meanwhile the guy said the most idiotic thing, What space does has nothing to do with it being “science” Astronomers observe and discover not make it happen, How dumb can people get like really though?

I am going to end this article off by saying science has done some incredible things over the years such as technology, discovering evolution and so much more, But wouldn’t it be great if scientists such as Niel Disgrasse stick to what they know and let spiritual people that have FUCK ALL to do with science do their things??

Science is what we can see and discover its there but Spiritual practices are what we cannot see easily HUGE DIFFERENCE.
So i hope not everyone is a idiot and listens to everything this guy has to say when he does not study any brance of astrology

thanks for reading to the logical readers.


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