15 July 2024

If you wanna get your rising sign you can do this via snapchat the official snapchat guide right here will show you how to do that, Please make sure you do have an exact birth time as the rising position changes zodiac signs every 2 hours roughly.

The rising sign rules your birth chart and how its mostly laid out its also your social personality where your star sign also known as your sun sign is your outer personality.

Libra is ruled by Venus which mean it rules balance ,social-life, romance and Diplomate so depending on what your rising or sun/star sign is gonna be how these energies comminate with you.


As the lunar eclipse illuminates your seventh house of partnership, prepare for huge shifts in your relationships over the next six months.

This event serves as a reason, urging you to confront any huge feelings of confinement or boundaries within your connections.

If tensions reach a boiling point, view it as a transformative opportunity rather than a setback or depressing part of your life. Yes Endings may occur, but trust that they’re paving the way for soulful connections that align more closely with your path.

For singles, a potential soulmate could make their entrance, offering both partnership and healing from past wounds of either romantic relationships or friendships even.

You will also be working on yourself and going forward in your life with the people that truly matter to you.


With the lunar eclipse casting its radiant glow upon your sixth house of work and health, your compassionate nature is called to action. You’re attuned to the needs of the underdog, and this period prompts you to extend your support in meaningful ways. Whether it’s lending a helping hand or advocating for change, your efforts can ripple positively through your community.

Also, this energy offers a chance to heal past conflicts, particularly in your health journey. Expect breakthroughs and discoveries that lead you toward the right path to wellness.


Under the luminous influence of the lunar eclipse in your fifth house of pleasure, anticipate a journey of personal growth and self-discovery in matters of the heart.

This event may catalyze separations that, though initially challenging, pave the way for renewed joy and alignment with your true self. Whether it’s bidding farewell to a stagnant romance or releasing outdated passions, trust that these endings herald fresh beginnings. Embrace the wisdom of letting go and allow your heart to guide you toward endeavors that resonate deeply with your great desires.


As the lunar eclipse graces your ruling house of family and home, prepare for significant changes in your domestic sphere. Whether it’s renovations, relocations, or shifts in family dynamics, these transitions may evoke feelings of instability but ultimately lead to profound growth.

Embrace the process of letting go of outdated patterns and behaviors learned from family influences, allowing space for inner resilience to grow.

Trust in the current energy guiding you toward a harmonious and balanced existence within your sanctuary.


With the lunar eclipse illuminating your third house of communication, anticipate transformative shifts in your perception and mindset.

This invites you to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, paving the way for mental clarity and emotional healing. Embrace opportunities to heal past traumas and embrace new perspectives that empower you to communicate with authenticity and depth.

Additionally, changes within your extended family or community may offer valuable insights into your personal growth journey.


Under the enigmatic influence of the lunar eclipse in your second house of money and self-worth, prepare for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

A reassessment of your relationship with finances and self-value, inviting you to cultivate a deeper sense of worthiness from within. Release the need for external validation and embrace your innate value, knowing that true abundance stems from self-acceptance. T

rust in this transformative power of self-love as you embark on a path toward financial stability and inner fulfillment.


the lunar eclipse coincides with your sign and your first house of identity and vitality, offering a potent opportunity for personal transformation. Embrace this powerful time as you release outdated perceptions of yourself and reclaim your authenticity with confidence.

Whether it’s healing from past wounds or refining your outward appearance to align with your true essence, trust in the transformative energy guiding you toward a renewed sense of self. Embrace your innate charm and charisma as you boldly pursue your aspirations with unwavering determination.


With the lunar eclipse activating your twelfth house of the subconscious, prepare for a journey of profound introspection and spiritual awakening.

Trust in your intuitive insights as you navigate subconscious patterns and release limiting beliefs that no longer serve your highest good. Pay attention to dreams and synchronicities, as they may offer valuable guidance on your path to healing and transformation. Embrace the power of silence and introspection as you connect with your inner wisdom and embark on a journey of spiritual growth.


As the lunar eclipse illuminates your eleventh house of friendships and aspirations expect transformative shifts in your social sphere and long-term goals.

Embrace changes in friendships with grace, knowing that they pave the way for new connections that align more closely with your evolving path.

Allow space for aspirations to shift and evolve, trusting that each change brings you closer to your authentic desires.

Embrace the unknown with optimism and curiosity, knowing that the universe is guiding you toward greater newer and great alignment.


Under the luminous influence of the lunar eclipse in your tenth house of career and reputation, prepare for significant shifts in your professional life. Trust in the cosmic currents guiding you toward greater success and recognition in your chosen field.

Embrace opportunities for growth and leadership, knowing that each challenge is a stepping stone toward your ultimate fulfillment. Additionally, be open to changes in your relationship with authority figures, particularly concerning your parents.

Trust in the transformative power of these celestial energies as you navigate toward a brighter and more prosperous future.


With the lunar eclipse gracing your ninth house of beliefs and expansion, anticipate profound shifts in your philosophical outlook and spiritual journey.

Embrace this transformative energy as you liberate yourself from outdated beliefs and embrace a newfound sense of freedom and authenticity.

Trust in your intuitive wisdom as you navigate uncharted territories and explore new horizons. Embrace the power of inquiry and self-discovery as you embark on a journey of spiritual liberation and personal growth.


With the lunar eclipse happening in your eighth house of transformation, prepare for a powerful period of rebirth and renewal.

Embrace this transformative energy as you release old patterns and embrace a greater sense of self-empowerment.

Trust in your intuitive insights as you navigate changes in intimacy and shared resources, knowing that each shift brings you closer to a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with courage and resilience, knowing that the universe is guiding you toward greater alignment and fulfillment.


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