15 July 2024

What I Thought About Astrology Turned Out To Be Wrong

WrldFait By WrldFait Dec 2, 2023

Some people dismiss astrology as nonsense without giving it a fair chance, questioning how planets millions of miles away could possibly have a connection with us. They liken it to a signal dropping with phone reception, suggesting a disconnect in one sense.

I initially delved into astrology because of Snapchat astrologcal sign features in 2017, intending to debunk it as I strongly disbelieved in anything it claimed. However, my experience turned out to be the opposite.

1: “Twelve Signs and Twelve Personality Types: Dispelling Astrological Misunderstandings”

I must admit that I was one of those who saw astrology as merely 12 star signs. However, astrology goes beyond that. In a previous article, I pointed out that our star or zodiac sign is essentially the position of the sun on our birthday. While some term this as “birthday racism,” it’s important to note that such claims often come from edgy meme creators or accounts lacking a substantial basis in astrology.

In reality, the sun sign represents our outer self and ego, the moon reflects our emotional drive, and the rising/ascending sign symbolizes our external self. Those dismissing astrology as limited to 12 personality types are subscribing to Pop Astrology, which lacks the depth of actual astrology.

2: “Astrology and Personal Responsibility: Correcting Misconceptions”

The claim that astrology contradicts free will is a misconception. Experienced astrologers say that astrological signs or placements don’t dictate behavior but serve as a blueprint. Blaming astrology for individual actions is comparable to blaming a gun for a murder committed by an individual.

Astrology describes planetary energy, and individuals decide how to channel that energy. For example, a positive Scorpio can be helpful and caring, while a negative one may exhibit violence and anger. Astrology doesn’t predict good or bad behavior; such generalizations are inventions of this new generation.

Everyone can display negative traits, but astrology isn’t to blame. The key is understanding an individual’s chart and the energy they express. It’s wise to explore both positive and negative traits associated with each sign.

3: “The Barnum Effect: Examining Astrological Accuracy”

I once believed the Barnum Effect explained astrology’s apparent accuracy, particularly in sun sign horoscopes. However, this effect is more applicable to sun signs and not the precision of natal chart astrology. For instance, my Mercury in Virgo indicating analytical communication and Venus in Virgo reflecting a love for programming and writing are accurate, as Virgo rules technology along with Aquarius.

Real astrology is precise when given a fair chance, but dismissing it without understanding is a personal choice. While some skeptics may think they’re right, their skepticism often stems from a lack of knowledge about authentic astrology.

The Barnum Effect may have some validity in certain forms of astrology, mainly in sun signs, but birth chart astrology is tailored to the individual. Astrology has successfully identified traits such as extroversion or introversion, with more evidence provided in upcoming articles.

4: Lack of Scientific Evidence Doesn’t Equate to Astrology Being Nonsense

Contrary to popular belief, the lack of scientific evidence doesn’t automatically render astrology as useless.

While some modern scientists dismiss various belief systems, including religion, claiming there is no God and that the Big Bang created everything, it’s essential to acknowledge that science doesn’t have a place in spirituality. People are entitled to their opinions, and science should not dictate matters beyond the physical world or what could spiritually affect us, as these lack medical or bodily bases, Maybe in the future science will get there but who knows.

Before astrology became associated with spirituality, it was the oldest science, closely linked with astronomy. Modern updates to the scientific method make it challenging to prove the complexity of astrology. However, this doesn’t invalidate it. As mentioned earlier, if you explore beyond sun signs, you’ll see how accurate a natal chart can be. If someone chooses not to try and just bash it online, it’s not our problem; our role is to educate those open to it.

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