15 July 2024

Astrology has existed for thousands of years but of course, you still have many skeptics running around thinking they have the power that they’ve “debunked” astrology well in this article I be going through some of the most common things skeptics say about astrology as there’s an explanation to everything as they don’t obviously bother going any further than a star sign.
Snapchat and other apps use astrology so I’m not sure why they have to be so mad about something that has existed way before them and is basically mainstream anyway if you don’t like astrology that’s respectable but running it down is salty behavior let’s be real like why so

1: Astrology Says There’s Only 12 Types Of People

This is not true and is known as “star sign astrology” This form of astrology only takes the person’s birth into consideration based on where the sun was traveling at the time of the person’s birth. But astrology is so much more than just star signs you can read more Here.

Real Astrologers/astrologists not only take your star sign into consideration but they also know all the other placements are just as important so while it’s technically true that star signs do not define you completely, Astrology as a practice cannot be dismissed entirely.

2: Planets Are Just Rocks In Space They Can’t Affect Us

This isn’t true and they are not “just rocks in space” Comparing a rock you found on the ground to real planets in space is ignorant thinking and this is why I think this like imagine trying to be scientifically inclined yet you don’t even know how planets work, These are the worst astrology skeptics.

Unlike planets, rocks lack the internal energy sources required to produce radio signals. They do not have active magnetic fields, nor do they interact with charged particles in the same way that planets with atmospheres do, Dr Percy Seymour had a theory years ago on how the planetary alignments might affect living creatures on Earth based on these magnetic fields.

In the early 20th century, as radio technology was rapidly advancing, a scientist by the name of Dr. William Astor, posited that radio frequencies emitted from celestial bodies, such as stars and planets, could influence human behavior and even personality traits in a manner akin to astrology, While this is a just a theory and not facts it’s still interesting and cannot be dismissed either.

3: Astrology Is Just For Women Anyway

This one also isn’t true, While women are more likely to engage in spiritual systems there are also many male astrologers such as Astrology Guy, Steve Judd, Steven Forrest, David Palmer(The Leo King), and many others, That’s like saying females can’t play sports because it’s male-dominated, it’s wrong and sexist.

As you can see Astrology isn’t like makeup it’s neither masculine nor feminine and to judge someone’s feminity or masculinity based on their beliefs is ignorant and small-minded thinking, you are not very adult if you think this way but of course, It’s essential to challenge such stereotypes and encourage open-mindedness when it comes to exploring and discussing astrology and its many facets.

4: Astrology Never Worked Anyway

Everyone is entitled to their opinion here as long as you are respectful about it but I have to politely disagree though.

Here’s why, People’s personality traits that their charts describe them as match up accurately with their Briggs personality traits,

Yes At first glance, astrology and the MBTI seem worlds apart—one rooted in the cosmos, the other in psychology. However, when you delve deeper, intriguing connections emerge. Many astrologers believe that many birth chart placements correspond to specific personality traits, which often align with MBTI categories. I will give two examples.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (MBTI: ESFJ)

  • Beyoncé, known for her dynamic stage presence and leadership in the entertainment industry, exhibits traits associated with Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging (ESFJ) personalities in the MBTI.
  • In her birth chart, her sun sign is Virgo, suggesting practicality and attention to detail. Her moon sign is Scorpio, which can indicate emotional depth and intensity, aligning with the Feeling preference in MBTI.
  • The combination of her sun and moon signs may contribute to her disciplined work ethic and emotional expression through her artistry.”

  • Steve Jobs (MBTI: ISTP)
  • Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., is sometimes linked to the ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality type in the MBTI due to his analytical and innovative nature.
  • In his birth chart, his sun sign is Pisces, indicating creativity and adaptability, which align with the Perceiving preference in MBTI.
  • His moon sign is Aries, suggesting a pioneering and independent spirit, akin to the Thinking preference in MBTI.

    I will do another article in the near future explaining this link more deeply but I do not want this article to be too long so it’s easily readable stay tuned in the next few weeks to a month and that article will be out! If you know nothing more than just your sun sign then don’t say astrology is fake you know absolutely nothing about astrology then that science article you read that called it fake yet you call us easily brainwashed?

I have even seen YouTubers which I won’t name “debunking” astrology yet they always seem to call it “star signs” yet there’s so much more to astrology than a sign as i said prior it just seems to be the top thing for skeptics for some strange reason, lack of education.


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