15 July 2024

4 Times Myers-Briggs Matched Up With Someone Astrology Traits

WrldFait By WrldFait May 16, 2023

Quite Some people say Astrology is bullshit but this is simply not true and this is one of the many ways this can be proven.

If you do not know how to read a birth chart then you do not have enough knowledge to be hating Astrology, Some of the worst people honestly, are an excuse to hate like damn these people have no clue.

Not to mention Astrology has been part of many cultures for centuries such as the Indians (Vedic Astrology) or the ancient Greece and modern Greece (Western Astrology).

Yes Genes are a factor too and no Astrologer ever said they weren’t but Genes are one factor out of a few and Astrology is definitely one of them I don’t care.

1: Elon Musk

Upon Google and many other sources, he has an INTJ personality type, This is a person that is confident, analytical & ambitious now let’s look at his chart


People that have Virgo in their chart are very analytical people they thrive in jobs that require databases, coding, words, and anything else such as this.

As a negative Virgo moon even with Cancer sun can be critical or come across in a harsh way.


When you combine his Cancer sun with his Virgo moon you get someone that’s ambitious and a confident person, These two signs put together have a strong desire to succeed.

2: Post Malone

According to sources, Post Malone is an ENFP personality type, They are Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting now let’s look at this chart which will display these traits.


Extraverted can be explained by his mercury and the way he communicates in Gemini and Venus what he loves in life and romance in Gemini, These two together amplify these traits as what he wants and how he can communicate are both in the same sign, Gemini is very witty and social signs.

You can also see by his sun sign that he is a Cancer which explains the Intuitive, Feeling traits in him, Most cancers are naturally feeling and intuitive, and this is often displayed in his music.

As you can see though a person’s star sign does not define them as the whole chart matters Elon and Post Malone may be both Cancer with Virgo moon but Elon has his communication sign (Mercury) in Cancer whereas Post has it in Gemini, Enough to make two people very different.

3: Beyonce

She has been described as an ISFJ personality type They are generally Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging They also tend to focus on the details.


As a Virgo this is no surprise she likes to focus on details as many Virgos are known for this, She might also have an analytical nature about herself.


With a Scorpio moon, there’s no wonder why she is described as feeling and sensing, People with both Virgo and Scorpio in their charts are more likely to pick up on things and to be intense and feeling.

4: Travis Scott

He is an ISFP personality type They are described as passionate by nature and have a desire to express themselves. They also have strong values.

Moon Sag, Mercury Aries, Venus Gemini

Moon is your emotional self so emotionally he will have the need to carry Saggitarian traits, communication-wise which is mercury in another fire sign of Aries, and the way he loves, likes things and romance is in Gemini. Aries is a naturally expressive sign, Gemini likes to socialize while an air sign, and Sag is another extroverted fire sign amplifying these traits.

His passionate nature can be from his Sag moon and Aries mercury as fire signs are naturally fiery and passionate, of course, Aries & Sag together in a chart can help give someone strong values.

It’s no surprise that this personality type is also called the Adventurer as both Sagittarius and Aries are both adventure signs.

As you can see these social media trolls liking meme pages and hate jokes about Astrology are nothing more than uneducated trolls eating packets of Doritos with ice cream put together, They are the type of person that spends time hating on things they have no clue about online but can’t clean their filthy room,

Astrology works, Whether you consider it facts or a belief is up to you but don’t go hating on people that do have an interest in it and follow it, It’s no excuse for bad behavior but matching up these tests to see its validity has been successful for me and I do consider Astrology as facts and I don’t care which scientist or person this offends as this is just my opinion, Science is good and has helped with many things but it’s not the end meat to everything in life and people need to get this.

I highly appreciate everyone who read this and if you are open-minded or deciding if Astrology is for you I hope this has helped more 🙂


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My name is WrldFait this is my personal brand where i be posting a lot of astrological, spiritual, gaming. I like Astrology, Gaming & Rap, Rock/Heavy Metal.

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