15 July 2024

Chester Bennington Natal Chart (Chart 2)

WrldFait By WrldFait Apr 7, 2023

This is going to be a short one but with the Meteora 20th anniversary coming out I thought I analyze Chester’s chart to get some basic detail about the sort of person he was.

To Start it off with he was born on March 20th 1976 at 10:41 PM in Phoenix, AZ, USA according to astrotheme.com the birth source is not known though, but we will use 10:41pm anyway, Most of the time this does not affect the planet positions but definitely his rising sign, Meaning his rising sign might not be correct.

Aries with Sag moon

Technically while on the cusp of Aries-Pisces, he had his sun in Aries at 0.17 degrees so while many websites will insist he’s a Pisces this is not correct, Most websites including Snapchat do not go off the accurate sun positioning when born on the cusp they assume a sign and hope for the best as this is the easiest way development wise.

people born on March 20th can be either Pisces or Aries depending on their timezone or birth time but they are not both, it’s best to check the birth chart not a birth date if they fall at the end of a sign.

he was only minutes before being a Pisces, He also had his moon in another fire sign of Sagittarius which makes a person very passionate and energetic, suited to being a talented heavy metal singer.

This combination of double fire would make someone free-spirited too especially with Sag being a free-spirited sign.

Mercury Pisces, Venus Pisces, Mars Cancer

These three signs with Mercury how he communicates, Venus how he shows love, and Mars how he gives off energy all in water would all be in a sensitive way, it’s not fully known but he might have also been a Scorpio rising.

This would mean someone would be a deep thinker and communicate with Mercury Pisces, someone that also wants to be romantic and show love in a deep way with Venus Pisces, and someone that is very protective and has emotional energy with Mars Cancer.

If we combine all of these together with his star sign/sun so his fiery ego in Aries and his fiery Sag moon which is his emotional drive in Sag plus the way he communicates, loves, and gives energy all in water it’s safe to say he was definitely a passionate, fiery but emotional, sensitive and watery person.

This does accurately explain his dark emotional lyrics but the heavy sound early linking park gave with an emotional twist, Now we are aware his childhood wasn’t the best either which we won’t go into detail about this here so this would have contributed to some of his dark lyrics too.


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