15 July 2024

Stephen Curry Natal Chart Explains Him (Chart 1)

WrldFait By WrldFait Mar 15, 2023

I am starting this new Series where I analyze a celebrities chart I am not sure how many of these I will do at this stage but since it’s his birthday today (Well in his country timezone anyways) We will start with him so let’s get started. Happy birthday to the MVP!

Stephen Curry was born on the 14th of March 1988 at 1:5PM with this information we can start with his big 3 (I like to call it the main 3) He is a Pisces sun, Aquarius Moon with Leo Ascendant/Rising.


For those that don’t know for some reason, he is an NBA (National Basketball Association) player,

He plays for the Golden State Warriors, He has a 2,977 3PM, He is one of the best basketball players.

Pisces Sun (Ego / Star Sign)

His sensitivity can be a bit too much at times but give the dude a break he is a Pisces after all! You can google “Steph Curry Crying” and many results come up, So Pisces, damn..

Even though he has an Aquarius Moon which might make him feel slightly less than an average Pisces, A Pisces is a Pisces and they can have a Sensitive ego since the Sun rules a person’s ego.

He is also a sensual person this would come from his Pisces sun, Being sensual is not a bad thing it’s a natural thing as long as you’re staying loyal to your partner and not doing it to third parties.

Stephen Curry’s psychological, metaphysical, or occult interests are signs of his need to transform or change himself, which might arouse some apprehension in him, Pisces suns are adaptable and can adapt to change very easily, This adaptable trait is what makes him the true goat when he’s on the court.

Aquarius Moon (Emotions / Needs)

Born with an Aquarius Moon they are humanitarians they like people, They may also be slightly analytical which would help him on the court, Not as analytical as Virgo but they are slightly analytical either way.

it’s a freedom-loving sign and would give him an emotional need to have freedom and independence.

Leo Rising (Mask / View)

People with Leo Rising love being in the spotlight, They crave it, These people make great performers whether that’s professional sports, Musicians, dancers, or anything else that allows them to perform to an audience, They are not afraid to do it, They need an audience and action.

They are bright, shiny, and dramatic, As a negative, they can be arrogant but there are other planetary signs in his chart such as his Pisces Sun & Aquarius Moon that would make him a perfect combination of humble and arrogant when he needs to be.

Leo Risings are also great leader which is why he has Pont Guard one of the most critical positions to have. Point guards are like team leaders.


We can definitely see he demonstrates warmth, being adaptable, and humanism the warmth comes from his fiery Leo rising the humanism ways comes from his Aquarius Moon and his adaptable ways come from his Pisces sun.

he also has his Venus, the way he shows love in Taurus, This is a sensual sign too so his ego/sun in Pisces combined with his Taurus Venus would make him a loyal sensual person.

Mars is the energy you give off and he has his Mars in Capricorn they are hard workers and will never give up until they reach the top.

So now you know why he is one of the greatest basketball players of all times, He has success written in his chart.

From an adaptable Pisces sun, to an humanitarian Aquarius Moon and and fiery Leo Rising that likes to be noticed it all makes sense.

Michael Jackson had his Mercury the way he thinks and communicates in Leo and Venus the way he loves and what he loves in Leo with a Pisces Moon & Rising, This combination is slightly similar to Curry’s since they both share the Leo-Pisces Energy just in different areas of their personality, Jackson loved to perform on stage as we all know! Such as the moonwalk.

I hope this gives everyone an insight on Curry, as a Warriors fan I am proud of him!


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