15 July 2024

Science Isn’t Always Factual And People Need To Stop Acting Like It Is

WrldFait By WrldFait Aug 18, 2022

Many people around the world especially other men seem to have this huge fascination with science that’s okay to have interests but I mean to the point that they attack you or block you for being “unscientific”, I’ve been blocked many times, The fact that the majority of pedophiles are men does not surprise me that men are weird in other ways too.

As a male, you want to appear to be logical, helpful, and smart, That’s why jobs such as Coding to Car mechanic are male-dominated, They both require logic of some form, Even though they’re very different positions, I’m A Web Developer I do relate to the logic traits.

But I’m sorry to tell you but using Science as The main means of seeing if something is legit or not is a terrible idea and today in this article We are explaining 4 reasons why.

1: Scientists Still Don’t Know Why We Sleep

It blows my mind that so many people put trust in science when they haven’t conquered this far yet, If you don’t know how sleep works then how can they even begin to say if there’s an afterlife or if ancient systems like Astrology works, As proven in my 10 article series, Astrology obvious works, they’re dead wrong and it’s sad many people believe them even big YouTubers just because it’s branded as “Science” almost the same reason that many people buy Apple because it’s Apple. (Apple is good btw just using it as an example of why many people use it)

While Scientists have many theories, They, however, do not know the exact cause of why we sleep, This brings me to my next point.

2: Science Is Just Theories And Observations

Many scientists will use terms such as “Theorize”, “Observe” or “hypothesis” Science does help us in society and them dedicating their time to help us understand things better I can definitely appreciate them for this, This does not mean they’re right when it comes to an afterlife or astrology.

As I’ve explained earlier, We are not up to the point in Science yet to even understand why we need sleep They are theories on to maybe why but not confirmed facts, Hopefully, we do get to why our bodies need sleep and maybe it can open the door to proving the afterlife, We do not know as of yet, 40% of Science has confirmed facts the other remaining 60% are just theories, Science is a powerful tool in understanding ourselves and the world but it’s not always facts.

3: Scientism

Many people or even 80% of people seem to not know this word exists in the dictionary.

"Scientism is the belief that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to render truth about the world and reality"

There you have it, Science in itself is a belief system as well, Just because something is a “pseudoscience” (extremely rude and disgusting that society lets these people have the most say like they even deserve that much clout) does not mean it’s fake, Astrology for example, If you read my series on it by being open-minded you see there is evidence for it, Everyone has been lied to about it having “lack of evidence” according to mainstream scientists.

Whether you believe in Science, that there is a god/afterlife, or astrology everyone has full rights to their opinions, As long as you respectfully tell me yours I will respectfully do so back, Most of these Science fans are too sure of themselves and extremely hateful though, You only have to see Twitter for that.

4: They Are Only Human

This one may rough some feathers but at the end of the day we are all human beings, The truth is we are not supposed to know If the afterlife exists because it’s obviously separate from the brain so scientists are researching it the wrong way.

I’ll do a separate article on this but there have been near-death experiences on the brain dead, There is as much evidence for it as scientists claim against it, by the way When I die and it’s lights out so be it, All I’m saying is we simply don’t know for sure.

At the end of the day, Scientists are busy people if they don’t get evidence from a few studies even though these studies may have also been flawed they will dismiss the subject anyway and be done with it.

Science is useful and good if you are talking about real science such as Medical Science or Computer Science they help in some fields but anything spiritual or to do with complex things such as personalities and religion should not be touched, It was and is never their realm at least the very least we don’t have the technology for them to study those areas yet, There have been many things that were once pseudoscience and became science such as “plate tectonics” so hopefully eventually the same can happen to the afterlife and/or astrology, We never know, If you read my Astrology series, it’s obviously not enough research has been put into Astrology just like how “plate tectonics” was like.

lastly for example how it depends on the astrologer with how accurate astrology can be (I mean birth chart astrology, there’s more than your sun sign) the same applies to Science, it depends on the Scientist whether they’re correct or incorrectly debunking something, Sadly society gives all scientists the power to make anything a pseudoscience so are you really going to trust them with everything?


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