15 July 2024

Should You Create A Discord, Facebook Group, Reddit, Or Forum For My Community?

WrldFait By WrldFait Jul 20, 2022

Since the dawn of humanity we’ve always had a need to connect, It’s wired in our brains and souls, We are social creatures and there’s no denying that, Thanks to mobile phones and the internet this has made things so much easier to talk to people without the need for them to be right across from you, While there are some negatives with this type of technology if used correctly it has helped humanity at the same time, We have a need for communities, This means internet-based communities are not going anywhere.

So let’s get to the question, “Should I Create A Discord, Facebook Group, Or Forum For My Community?”

In Each of these, I am going to be breaking down the cons and pros of each product type then at the end of this article we can finally get to the golden question, Yes I know you want me to get straight to the point! Trust me we will but before we can we need to explain the positives and negatives of each one, It wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t explain them first.


Best for quick and easy communities

Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging platform, It was launched in 2015, Users can create their own servers (similar to groups) and inside that server, They can create chat sections, This is similar to creating sub-forums in forums but replace the threaded discussions with chat logs.


  • discussions are not designed to be permanent and hard to find over time,
  • No search engine optimization meaning your discord may not be high up on google or at all
  • Limits on users and channels per server preclude new fans from popular servers and limit growth for indie developers.
  • Busy Discord servers are overloaded and not pleasant


  • User Friendly, Anyone can start a Discord server even your grandma if you teach her, It’s not that hard to learn and will only take a few minutes
  • Push Notifications on the go make keeping up with your community easy
  • an app designed for ease of use not much else to say


best for simple discussion communities

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website, It was launched all the way back in 2005!


  • Threads are archived after a certain time frame
  • The reputation system automatically bans you for nothing, If people disagree with you the downvotes ban you! (censorship is big on that site)
  • each new “subreddit” as they call it is just sub-forums turned into a hashtag-style, Each subreddit has different owners as anyone can create a subreddit.
  • Unlike traditional forums, things are not organized and it’s still hard to find old posts and comments.
  • Can’t post in many subreddits unless you have a certain level of reputation (upvotes by other users help this)


  • Reddit is extremely good at driving traffic, Reddit does get indexed by Search Engines unlike Discord or Facebook.
  • discussions are deeper than Discord but not as good as a traditional forum in my opinion, Still good and a pro.
  • many people are on Reddit it’s the largest forum on the internet.
  • Not niche based so may feel not as personal, Each subreddit represents a niche .

Facebook Group

best for together communities

Facebook is a social networking website launched in 2004, It has a Group Feature, a Group is a place where people can join a group with other people of shared interests. What I mean by “together communities” is communities that want to come together and discuss a certain niche but not go to complex with it.


  • Not organized, Old Posts get lost.
  • Not the best for SEO.
  • Busy Facebook groups can be over-crowded like Discord.
  • Not good for support groups.


  • Almost Everyone is on Facebook.
  • Can invite all your Facebook friends.
  • simple, easy and not hard to get group members.

Traditional Forum

best for passionate communities.

the internet forum is a platform type that started way back in 1994, Other forms of forums that were not browser-based go as far back as the late 1970s, Just because they’re an old form of social media does not mean they are useless, Many people still play classic Nintendo systems such as the Nintendo GameBoy that’s also retro and software companies such as Xenforo or IP. Board still makes modern versions of the traditional internet forums, Social networks such as Twitter also use a forum for their support inquiries you can see Here.


  • Can takes months or years to get it off the ground Since you are redirecting users to a separate website.
  • Costs money (these days to start it can be as low as $20AUD, as traffic spikes more)
  • Takes a ton of work to keep things in place, sometimes server maintenance.
  • Not as popular as they once were.
  • No push notifications on iPhone (Android can use PWA notifications on some forum software such as Xenforo)


  • Very organized, easy to find old discussions in a few minutes, You just need the threads name.
  • deep discussions, designed to go in-depth.
  • can feel very personal that you joined an entire website for that 1 thing you’re passionate about for example a Golden State Warriors basketball forum.
  • Boost search engine rankings, designed for SEO.
  • if you get lucky one day and build an active community you can make money from it through ads.
  • You own the data and rights to all data, it’s your own personal domain.

As you can see you now Have the idea so let’s answer the question “Should I Create A Discord, Facebook Group, Reddit, Or Forum For My Community?” Well, that depends on what type of community you want to start.

Want to own the data and/or start a passionate community? Then start a traditional forum, Hosting isn’t as expensive as it once was.

Want a quick and easy community? Then start a Discord, it’s a chat app with your own servers that you can administer.

Want a simple but discussion-based community? Then start a Reddit.

want a together-style community then start a Facebook Group

As you can see Discord or Facebook HAS NOT DESTROYED FORUMS, These platforms have existed for years and forums continue to thrive, it may be true as Reddit involved it has made forums less popular and it’s harder to get them going, But it’s not easy to get a Twitch Stream going either, forums are not dying, People are sick of the internet, This doesn’t mean there’s no need for communities though because there is, The honeymoon phase of the internet is over but the internet still gets used daily if that makes sense.

Depending on what you think is best for your community and the goals you want to achieve then each of these can work for different reasons. the “forums are dead” saying is old and stupid, Xenforo still makes the software, If that were the case why would this commercial company and others such as IPBoard be still making money?

We at Pulse Chatter have our forums for passionate deep discussions and Discord for simple things, Both can serve as they are for different things. I hope this article has helped you, if it has please share it around 🙂


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