15 July 2024

Forums are dead, no not really

WrldFait By WrldFait Jul 5, 2022

If you ask many people they will always say that forums are dead, This is simply not true and today I am going to say why I believe they’re not dead, There will be a second part to this article coming very soon titled “Why you shouldn’t compare forums to social media” to stay posted for that 👀

(if you read this after the 10th of July 2022 then it may already be out)

Anyway back to the article, Many people state this because owning a forum can be stressful at the best of times, I’m not going to sugar coat it, But so is Twitch Streaming, YouTube and any other projects, You could be hosting a dead stream for years before you have A spike in views,, If you ride the dark days with your project you might just one day make it, point is, Forums are not the only thing that hard to get off the ground, so let’s stop pretending it is.

We don’t say “Twitch is dead” just because a few are small streamers, Forums are just another excuse for society to be hateful, non-factual analogy they sprout about.

I was friends with people that streamed, They were pretty decent speaking from a professional view and yet they still struggled.

1: Big Tech Censorship

We’ve seen it time and time again, Try to say your views about a certain topic and Social Networking giants love to censor you, This has happened to me when I disagreed with someone, Just because I had a difference in opinion my account was restricted from replying to that entire status.

From when Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter to put free speech back on to the platform, When even successful people are saying there’s a problem then there’s a problem, Owning a forum not only gives you entire freedom over your data but also lets you make your own rules,

Want people to post their consensual nudes? sure, Don’t want them to do that then that’s fine too! Even with Website Giants like IGN their forums give more freedom then any social media site or app ever will, as long as you’re being respectful to all users on their platforms, Owning a forum is better then any Facebook page or Discord chat.

2: Organized Content

Don’t you ever look at Reddit, Facebook or Quora and think, it’s okay but how on earth do people actually think these can replace a forum?? Well you’re not alone, These platforms ARE NOT DESIGNED to replace traditional forums, Society made them to.

When feeds was launched in the late 90s (RSS Feed) and early 2000s and improved by Facebook you can see this algorithm and style site is only intended to keep updated with the latest profile posts of everyone you choose to friend or things you follow, it has nothing to do with forums in any shape, form or way, it’s just trendy and that’s why people like it, I mean it does the job for what’s it’s designed to do but it’s not all the way the same as what forums are.

Forums on the other hand focus on organized content, Everything is categorized so it’s easier to find, This also means more in depth discussions are best kept on these types of sites.

While modern traditional forums have some built in features to easily find the latest content more easily this point still stands, Want to have the latest feeds to your homepage? then use social media for that, Want to have a organized more in depth way to discuss conversations then use forums.

You can’t compare them they are both different platform styles and when combined together you get the best of the internet.

3: More Meaning

Unlike “let’s try and do it all” Walmart’s of the internet Discord or Facebook forums give more meaning behind your passion, 1 website dedicated to one passion, for example this site is for people that are passionate about Entertainment whether Gaming, Sports or Music, All very similar things that come together (we are not a general forum) even for a general forums, it shows that you’re passionate about forums.

Whether it’s Basketball, Football, Soccer other sports and cars a forum is so much more better at handling these then any Facebook Group ever will.

4: Proper Enthusiasts

Many people on Facebook are know it all’s but 90% of them have no clue on what they’re talking about, Then is where forums come in to it, Many people will join say a Holden Forum because they know how to work Holden Cars, they’re Enthusiasts, 85% of people join a niche forum because they either need help or they are passionate about the niche and want to help others.

Try this on a Facebook group you end up having a messy nightmare of a conversation with some random who might not know much about cars but pretend he does, Facebook is like meeting a random on the street and asking for help while a car forum is like going to a group of people that love Holden Cars for help, You obviously get more chance from the forum group then a Stanger from Facebook, Facebook is the virtual street, Just like the Metaverse, Zuckerberg has designed it this way, it’s not meant for knowledge it’s meant for socializing and fun while niche forums are meant for knowledge and socializing.

People need to stop getting both platform types twisted, they are designed for different purposes.

5: Not everyone likes social media

Many often think about themselves and how they feel about forums when they say or write articles saying “forums are dead” it’s not all about you, Not everyone likes social media for various reasons, One of the main reasons is social media can be very toxic, Where forums are not as opened spaced like a feed website and can be moderated more easily.

ANYONE uses mainstream social media from a higher class worker to a criminal looking to sell Speed, EVERYONE IS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, Where a particular forum only attracts people that are interested in that subject/niche, 90% of the time it’s a nicer environment, Yes they’re trolls like any website but it’s not as intense.

6: forums are still active

To finish this off I am going to link some active forums or partially active forums to prove that forums are not dead.

ForumPromotion, IGNBoards, MacRumours, LeagueUnlimited, BigFooty and so much more, Good things take time, Just because a lot of new forums are not growing doesn’t mean forums are dead, it just means nothing happens overnight and that’s life, There’s a lot of small streamers too, Twitch isn’t dead though?

It’s about time people stop saying forums are dead when it’s the equivalent of “Nickelback sucks” when they sell out stadiums or “Astrology is fake” when corporations such as Snapchat uses Astrology in their app. Don’t let the toxicity of society stop you from running a forum just to fit in.


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