15 July 2024

The iPod turns 20 And How It’s Shaped Modern Smart Phones!

WrldFait By WrldFait May 27, 2022

Between 1997 and 2001 a lot of things were calling around from Apple on the verge of going bankrupt to going forward in 2001 with the music industry battling piracy, Something that they’ve never seen before, So they had no idea how to solve it, Then we got Steve Job that entered the marketspace of MP3 Players which they’ve called the IPod, This turned Apple around and attracted millions of customers around the globe, They were no longer going under and could finally see their light to success, This turned Steve Jobs and his business around from his past failures of the company and being fired from his own company all happening between 1985 and 1997.

As we all know, Apple would fight against digital privacy and only allow Music you have bought from their iTunes store,

Music downloaded elsewhere would eventually stop working or won’t be allowed to be transferred to your device.

How Did It Shape My SmartPhone?

Back in those days and the year that the original Apple iPod was launched on October 23, 2001, There was only a hand full of MP3 players to choose from and most of them required shop-bought batteries, was too fat to fit in your pocket, or could only read CDs meaning while they were portable your CDs would get easily scratched, that’s just the 90s and evolution of technology, It was just how things were back then, The iPod replaced the shop buying, non-pocket friendly and CD skipping devices, It was one of the first of it’s kind, You could charge it with the same battery, it fits perfectly in your pocket and it ran on a digital memory all in one thing, It’s what people have been wanting forever but could not put their finger on, Remember this is the 90s and before this idea was ever thought of.

This shaped modern mobile phones, roughly 6 years later (January 9, 2007) it was launched it had all of the same features of the iPod from portability, and rechargeable battery but even better it was also touchscreen-based, All inspired by the iPod the first product that shaped Apple to what they are today and the first device that helped shape mobile technology as we know it today, This also shaped all modern touch phones from the first commercially available Android phone the HTC Dream.

Generation Foward

From that day October 23, 2001 we have to go through so much with mobile technology and iPod generations have passed from the iPod First Gen, We are also going to explain some of the generations and what features they included.

iPod First Gen:

This is the one that started it all, I’m not going to repeat what has already been said, But it’s one of its kind and without it, we wouldn’t have iPods and I personally don’t think mobile phones would be how we know them today.

iPod Second Gen:

Released in July 2002 it was much more compact.

iPod Third Gen:

This one was released in 2003 and had a re-design, This also introduced the 30 pin charging connector, The one used in earlier iPhone models.

iPod Mini:

Released in 2004 it did have less storage than some of the previous models but it did come in many colours and was just designed to be fun, But it did launch one new feature and remained on all non-touch iPods that were to come, The click wheel.

iPod Fourth Gen

This came out in 2004 it is the most standard iPod you can get as it became the one everyone thinks about when you say classic iPod.

iPod U2:

Steve Jobs loved U2 so this explains this edition, it was basically a special fourth-gen U2 edition.

We could go on and on but from the iPod shuffle, iPod Nanos, or Touch series you can see Apple has done everything to meet everyone’s needs with every iPod they’ve ever created.

While there’s not much as a need to have an iPod as there once was it’s still worth checking out, Apple’s last iPod release was back in 2019, That’s not that long ago considering so it’s hard to tell if there’s ever gonna be another iPod release, One thing we know for sure we hope they make an iPod that’s similar to the iPhone 13 but we have to wait and see if or when Apple will officially announce this, But they’re more concerned about their mobile and other modern technology at this stage.


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