15 July 2024

Apple & Android Are Both Good, Let’s Compare..

WrldFait By WrldFait Mar 26, 2022

If you ask almost everyone they will either be on Team Android or Team Apple (iPhone) I didn’t think we be in a world where we are comparing phones, Not to sound like a boomer but if it makes calls, connects to the internet, and texts then it’s doing its job, of course, both Operating Systems get compared a lot so I guess I will be doing this in this article, the cons, and pros of both system, let’s start with Apple IOS.

IOS Cons:

Locked Up System
Compared to its counterpart Android, iPhones cannot download apps from the browser as easily, of course, you can download IPAs but I also found that to be hard to find on the web, I was looking at how to downgrade my Snapchat app version on IOS and even that was a struggle to find. So if you can go by the app store then this won’t be a big issue for you, Downgrading apps from the phone itself is not possible either unless Jailbroken.

This also means while not impossible if you got the right apps, Media files can be hard to transfer between things as easily.

No In-Browser Notification System
Another huge issue that Apple has lacked and as an Apple user it annoys me, Apple has not adopted background push notifications for web apps, What it feels to me is that Apple is trying to push people to make IOS apps so they benefit from it financially, This costs developers money, energy and unnecessary time.

This is why TO having an app is a long way off if it does happen because you can add this site to your home screen and it acts the same as an app, Apple’s limitations are their problem.

From my personal experience, these are my two complaints about Apple’s ego system.

IOS Pros

Apple Ego-System
With the home-pod, air-pods, Ipad, Apple Watch, and everything else Apple has on offer you can rest assured that you are being looked after if you are looking for a company to have your Watch, Phone, and speaker with, you be fully tied within Apple!

User Friendly:
If you want to get to something then Apple makes their entire UI easy to use so you can have fun watching those cat videos without any complicated drama, You can say Apple is the Managed VPS of the mobile space, They lock up their system because they rather manage the OS then you modify anything.

Great Sound Quality:
I’ve owned a few phones in the past and nothing has EVER, I mean EVER sounded as good as Apple, I’m sure there are some better Android phones out there audio-wise now but you can’t deny Apple does do wonders with music quality and the reason why I’m an Apple Music Subscriber.

Especially now they’ve added lossless audio in their app, That just makes things even better audio-wise.

I’ve considered going back to Android a few times but what stops me is iMessage, iMessage has many effects you can choose from and lets you know when the message has been delivered to that contact that also has an iPhone and iMessage turned on.

Battery Life

From my experience since when I switched to Apple back in 2017 is the battery life has never failed me once! Apple has some of the best batteries in their devices and I can get through an entire day without having to worry if my phone is going to go flat.

With some Samsung phones I’ve owned I ended up having battery issues.


Android Cons

Yes, Android is an Open Source Project unlike the IOS system, This has its advantages and disadvantages, One disadvantage is wayyyy more acceptable to viruses, A Virus can only make its way into a system that allows certain files to be modified or written to, Which is why we don’t hear IOS having that many viruses or mostly none!

Prone To Bricking:
Especially if you are going down the path of Rooting or modifying the firmware on your device (sometimes a dodgy update) this can lead to your device being soft-bricked (it won’t boot past the logo screen) or Hard Bricked! (won’t turn on at all) Apple has a recovery mode and other measures to prevent this from happening.

No iMessage
Depending on which way you look at this depends, But I see it as a con, iMessage is an amazing built-in texting app that Apple has out of the box and it helps a lot and is one of the best texting experiences I’ve ever seen, Hopefully, one day Android devices will have this.

Android Pros

More Flexible

Android is much more flexible than IOS, You can easily download music from a website, download apps and movies directly from your device’s browser, With Apple, this is a lot harder and not as easy sometimes impossible, Android is open source and has always focused on this.

Android has a huge win for this one.

Open Source
Android being open source means you can install other firmware onto your device and do so much more than you can do on IOS, With some risks involved If you know what you’re doing and only download what is made for your device this can be a fun thing to do.

Longer Life Span:

Apple has been known for no longer releasing updates after a while for certain devices, Being recently the iPhone 6 no longer receiving any updates, With old Android phones you can keep them alive for another 6-7 years long after the manufacturer has stopped releasing updates Since other developers will take over and you can just install their ROMs (firmware)

So as you can see no Mobile OS is worse than the other, It really comes down to you and what you want out of a phone, Both systems have their ups and downs, If you love customizing every aspect of your phone and love to be flexible then get an Android, if you want things simple and/or love the Apple ego-system then get an iPhone like me!

obviously, I own a tech website so I am a tech expert but I just want things to be kept simple on my mobile phone, besides love Apple’s ego system.

I also got an Apple to watch it feels very premium and I also like that, I also don’t hate Android they are both good for different purposes, At the end of the day if it can text, connect to the internet and do all the basic stuff a modern smartphone should, Then is it worth fighting over what’s better?


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