15 July 2024

What Happened To Gran Turismo?

WrldFait By WrldFait Jan 27, 2022

This used to be one of my favorite racing games as a child in fact besides me either playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) or The Sims all day this was one of my most Go to games but compared to looking back at those days a lot has changed since then, things in life either change for the best or for the worst and sadly and even though it’s hard to say this that gaming series has sadly changed for the worst now let me explain.

When Gran Turismo first launched back on December 23, 1997, the world has never seen a racing game as good as it is, I go as far as saying it was the first true racing game that brought so much to the table selling over 10 million copies, from so many tracks to race on, for its year this is 1997 we are talking about the graphics were amazing and to even customizing your car to how you want it to be.

Then came Gran Turismo 2 the year is now 1999, There are not too many changes here but they did have more cars to choose from and even rally race tracks despite the minor changes we can give them a break here since it was only roughly 2 years later they were still going in the right direction.

Then now Grand Turismo 3:A-Spec was launched it’s now 2001 a big graphics update, so much more options and many more options to customize your car, way more rally and road tracks to race on and in general, I think it’s one of the best titles they’ve ever made, it was a fantastic game, They were really on track with things and it was amazing to see such a great game proceeding in going into the right direction and I honestly thought they would keep it going.

Then came my favorite title of them all Grand Turismo 4 the year is now 2004 this is one of the best besides Grand Turismo 4 that I’ve played they had a radio like option where you could select some music while playing the game, more customizable options to customize your ride and so much more once again it was brilliant, I played this every day for 2 years straight, It was an amazing title and I honestly think they did amazing on it more than GT3, All thought GT3 was also impressive. Sadly after this, they went downhill, and let me explain.

Then came GT5, To me, they stripped most of their features and it was really unplayable, GT has been known to bring some of the best graphics well ahead of its time as this title was released in 2010, But not everything in a game is about graphics, For example, Minecraft is still an excellent game but due to its long list of features, it doesn’t need to have the best ever graphics known to humankind. I just felt like despite its more realistic graphics you still couldn’t upgrade your car as you once could and there were far fewer options to choose from as in Car Models, It was basically the same as GT3 but with modern graphics to me. I could go on and on with all the other titles they’ve released such as GT6, Sports and etc.. but I think everyone gets the point.

So my question is will GT be able to redeem itself and go back to the way it once was or will they just keep trying to be a Forza knock-off? because all of these weird shifts in changes only just started happening after 2005 when the original Forza was released and GT4 released in 2004 was the last decent title which is highly disappointing to us GT fans, I have asked many people my best friend, other friends and other forum communities and they’ve all said they prefer Forza over GT and I can’t blame them because Froza continued to make smash racing hits while GT is just a restricted knock off in my opinion.

I am not trying to be mean because like I have said since my childhood days I adored the game but now it just seems very boring and disappointing and in popularity, it’s starting to drift away, Meaning people must agree, I am hoping GT or someone on their team will see this and try to make the decent title in future versions of the game, The game has a change chance of making a redemption but now it’s only up to the developers to further disappoint us or make some amazing changes as they once did.


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