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Astrology isn’t Vague, You’re More Than Just Your Star Sign: Planets Explained

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Many people that criticize Astrology just think you are only your star sign (the suns position at birth) and nothing else, While your sun sign is also your birth sign, There’s more to the picture than this and that’s why two people can be a Taurus but have some similarities but also huge amounts too!

Astrology isn’t vague many many people and society have become stupid and have no clue what they’re actually hating on, This does shock me because people should know part of common sense is not hating on a field that you’re not even educated in, People will people though.


Rules: Leo

Stays In A Sign For: 1 Month

Keywords: Ego, Drive, Expression, Consciousness Self, Wants

God: Helios

This position represents someone’s outer personality and themself, it’s their ego, what they want from life, and how they express themselves, Since you only need a person’s birthday it has become a person’s main sign and 95% of living adults today at least know their birth sign with other given names sun sign, star sign, and zodiac sign, It’s not the only sign that influences you though and other people born around the same day can be similar but also different.

This also describes the reasoning behind why you do certain things. (not an excuse for toxic behavior) it’s the core of your true persona.

Not every person born under a certain sign will display the same outer personality due to other planetary influences so keep reading to find out what the rest mean



Rules: Cancer:

Stays In A Sign For: 2-3 Days

Keywords: Unconsciousness, Feelings, Emotional Type, Instincts, Moods

God: Selene

Where ever someone’s moon is positioned represents what they need from life to be emotionally happy, It also is the traits they feel like they need to act out, While the sun is the traits you naturally express the moon is what you feel like. For example, a Cancer Sun expresses sensitivity and is naturally sensitive while a Cancer Moon feels sensitive inside.

While the sun is your actions the moon is your reactions, That’s why two people that are under Taurus can be very different when it comes to how they react to things, the sun is active the moon is reactive the two together are more of the picture.



Rules: Aries (First House)

Stays In A Sign For: 2 hours

Keywords: Mask, External Self, Interaction Style

God: Helios

Your rising sign is how you interact with the world and your appearance structure, it’s where the sun was rising at the time of your birth, It’s your general first impression on people, While Mercury is how you communicate your rising sign is how you interact so the two together is the first impression of you.

it’s your social personality type and how you come across to others, Well one of the aspects,

This position is also known as your ascendant sign,

You can only get this placement if you have your exact birth time, This placement also rules your chart and you.



Rules: Virgo, Gemini

Stays In A Sign For: 3-4 Weeks

Keywords: Communication Style, Intellect, Thinking, Information

God: Mercury

This planet shows us how a person communicates, Mercury is never far behind the sun so therefore for example a Leo can only have a Cancer, Leo, or Virgo mercury, It also shows how they talk and type things out, So if someone can’t type a decent text Blame their Mercury Sign not their Sun/Star Sign. (Joking don’t blame any sign for anything)

It also reveals how people deal with information, and ideas, and how they communicate with the world around them, The first impression of someone is usually with their mercury and ascendant sign, not their sun sign.



Rules: Taurus, Libra

Stays In A Sign For: 4-5 Weeks

Keywords: Attraction, Beauty, Love, Harmony, Romance

God: Aphrodite

Someone’s venus sign shows what type of people they are attracted to, how they give love, and what they find pleasurable and beautiful, it’s the love style.

Besides the moon sign, their emotional operation this placement is important when it comes to romantic relationships and sometimes platonic friendships too.



Rules: Aries

Stays In A Sign For: 6-7 Weeks

Keywords: Energy, Drive, Sex, Desire

God: god Ares

Mars is someone’s desire, action, and sex type, Someone that has an Aries Mars will be very passionate and fast during sex but replace that with Libra they are more gentle and carefree.

While Venus is your Sexual attraction and how you give love Mars is your basic physical attraction and chemistry, Venus is your reactions romantically while mars are your actions and energy romantic-wise.



Rules: Sagittarius

Stays In A Sign For: 12-13 Months

Keywords: Luck, Growth, Understanding

God: Jupiter

This planet does not directly affect a person’s personality but its still an important planet because it’s what brings you luck and success, This is why some people get more successful more easily than others.



Rules: Capricorn

Stays In A Sign For: 2-3 Years

Keywords: Discipline, Responsibility, Obligation, Ambition

God: Cronus

Saturn is not a very good planet but life has ups and down, Wherever Saturn is positioned is what you are going to learn in life, it’s all about dedication and discipline.



Rules: Aquarius

Stays In A Sign For: 7 Years

Keywords: Reform, Rebellion

God: Unparalleled Aerokinesis

Uranus rules science and inventions it’s how you deal with certain things in your life and how you reform and rebellion.



Rules: Pisces

Stays In A Sign For 10-12 Years

Keywords: Dreams, Intuition, Delusions

God: god Poseidon

This planet is how we dream and use our imagination, it also reveals the type of fortune-telling and psychic power an individual may have.



Rules: Scorpio

Stays In A Sign For: 12-15 Years

Keywords: Transformation, Death, Power, Generation

God: Hades

This is a generational planet for example Gen Ys have their pluto in Scorpio while Gen Zs have it in Sagittarius. it’s the environment you grew up in and how you transform, the power you got, and how you deal with power and death.

Yes in Astrology Pluto is a planet because Astrology doesn’t care what science thinks, no one has a right to disregard something as a planet or not a planet, Once again society letting humans play God.


Astrology also involves the houses which I will do a separate article on but these are each planet in a nutshell.


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