15 July 2024

My Best Family-Friendly Games Of All Time

WrldFait By WrldFait Sep 21, 2021

Here in Australia, the school holidays have approached and I am pretty sure in a few months most of the world will be celebrating Christmas Holidays in some form or another so I am going to list 5 games that are the best for families of all time.

1: Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an amazing strategy-Education Simulation where the player can explore their island, If it’s from collecting fruits, vegetables, fish, or any other forms of food in order to survive from shaking trees, fishing, or exploring in some other way or form Animal Crossing has you covered, Your kids and family will learn a lot when it comes to this game and especially kids that need to learn life skills such as when it comes to the time to get a place of their own they can look back at the time they played this game and will know some things on what to do in the real world, I know that the majority of family will have fun working together in building their ideal island! Enjoy the adventure with this title.

2: Spyro The Dragon

Before anyone says it yes you’re right I think Spyro is one of the best games or at least under the Platform umbrella of games ever created, From collecting gems(similar to collecting fruits in Animal Crossing) to exploring the great world of beating Spryo’s enemies, This title has you covered, To have a talking Dragon any family or child would absolutely love that! And you can never beat a classic! So If you are looking for some light-not to fast-paced action and packed with adventure then Spyro The Dragon has you covered.

3: Wii-Party

Now, this is a Nintendo Wii title, The thing I love about this one is it’s designed for children to grown-ups simultaneously The matching animal noises to Wii motes is great for toddlers and pre-school kids. Then you got the board games which are ideal for slightly older children to grown adults, In every single aspect, Wii-Party has you covered. I know some of you may be disappointed since it’s not a new title but if you can get your hands on a Nintendo Wii you must still give this one a shot you won’t be disappointed.

4: NBA 2K

This is one of my favorite games of all time, The people that know me in person do know I love basketball, Which family doesn’t love some sport? It’s great fitness and it’s also an amazing game to play virtually, You can upgrade your team members as you progress through the game and so much more, I think this will get the kids into thinking about being fitter or maybe playing real sports! We all know video games are great but everything is about balance and this game just might get your kids into thinking about getting out of the house after they’ve played it.

5: Mario Kart

Mario Kart is back! better graphics and features than ever before! so now you can collect as you drive through this game (no pun intended) while going through all the different parts of this title, The best part is you can go multiplayer and your components can also play along with you, So if it’s not going as fast as the speed of light or collecting mushrooms as you go through the stages of this game then you can certainly verse your family members and only require one console to do it, How much more amazing can it get?

Before I end this off I know these titles are not new, But they are all still available for sale or have just released a new title over the last 3 years (Animal Crossing, Spyro, NBA 2K) Wii-Party and Mario Kart can still be found for sale online, I still hope you enjoyed my personal outlook on what I think is the best family-friendly games of all time. I honestly would love to know your best family-friendly games of all time so please list them below for all to know!

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