15 July 2024

5 Reasons Why Fanboyism Is Old

WrldFait By WrldFait Aug 27, 2021

Before anyone gets offended by this article let me firstly say in caps THERE’S NOTHING WRONG IN LIKING OR EVEN LOVING SOMETHING I like my PC,

I like my phone, I love my true friends, family, and pets that I’ve gotten close to but when it’s that obsessive that they start hating on the component that’s when it’s an issue. I’m more of a dog person but that being said

Don’t you just cringe at those fanboys that go “Xbox is better than PSN” or “PSN is better than Xbox’ probably even “Nintendo is superior to everything”,

All of these quotations mentioned are completely wrong and inaccurate and I’m going to explain them in this article today.

Like, come on we all know PC is the better option for anything that will ever exist, (Okay, that was a joke please do not get serious, But we should dig into this now)

1: Both Have Their own unique features in their own way

All gaming consoles make their designs unique to them that way you can tell that it’s them that invented the system, All designs are good but we humans like to think our opinion is the ‘right’ opinion but in reality that’s not even the slightest close. Because an opinion is no right or wrong it’s just a personal preference personally to us. This means whether you like Microsoft’s boxed style approach to the Xbox series or Sony’s Compact Approach (PS1 to PS4) then followed by their curved like updated approach from the PS5 it’s all based on our own personal preference, I know what I prefer but for the sake of this article, I will not answer this right now.

2: They both do the similar thing

Despite the minor differences such as different hardware and software the main goal especially with Microsoft and Sony is to power up games, They both run almost the same titles for example Grand Theft Auto, Whether you own a PS or Xbox console they will both power up GTA 5, Sure each will have their own exclusive games but for the most part 90% of gaming titles should easily run on both and are sold at a very similar price, So hating on one thing over the other makes no sense.

3: Being Different Is Good

Whether you vouch more towards the Xbox, PSN, or even the Nintendo line-up series we are all allowed to like different things, It would be a boring world if we all liked the exact same things all the time and there would be no multiple gaming companies since there would be no differences to cater for it.

For example, I prefer iPhone over Android but I do not think that people that own Android devices are stupid, At the end of the day no one has the same brain as you and it’s in our own human right to like what we like, After all, it’s not great being ridiculed just for people different to someone else and it’s most definitely not fair.

4: People May Have More Friends On One Platform Over The Other

Not many people know this but if it’s school, work, or some other circle of friends that we catch up with daily such as sporting events, Different circle of friends games on different platforms,

This means if someone sees most of their friend’s games on an Xbox they may game on an Xbox too naturally, You would wanna buy an Xbox to join in on the fun, We do not know people’s lives especially judging from the internet so we should never judge when we don’t know who they know and why they choose one over the other, Honestly, it really does not matter we all have rights to our thoughts.

5: Life is too short for it

Life is one of the shortest but best gifts we have ever been given, For me to be able to type this out inside my physical body that’s a gift on its own, however, it’s not going to last forever, and to be fighting over and making others feel bad because they own a system that we personally might not like, that only has a few minor specs, hardware and game titles differences is pretty stupid to let’s all let each other live our short life the way we want to live it and game on what we personally enjoy to game on.

Hopefully eventually in the gaming community, we see the day when we can put our minor differences aside and see the similarities that we all love videos games and not the design and minor hardware differences that an individual chooses to use, I hope this has put some light and my thoughts on this subject.

And thank you so much for reading another Fait Article.

– Fait


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My name is WrldFait this is my personal brand where i be posting a lot of astrological, spiritual, gaming. I like Astrology, Gaming & Rap, Rock/Heavy Metal.

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