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How COVID-19 is impacting the gaming industry in a big way

WrldFait By WrldFait Jul 17, 2021


Just only a couple of years ago we never knew such a virus could hit again as the Spanish Flue did in 1918 many scientists and other people would predict this such as

Just like the global economy, businesses especially many small ones have closed, Not to mention there was a small fish and chip shop not far from me that I use to go to that has recently permanently closed the video game industry is unfortunately no different.

All though unlike many of the disasters, we are experiencing due to this virus and pandemic the video game industry is booming better than it has before and I’m here to explain why in this article right now.

1: Lockdown Means Less Time Out, More Gaming

Depending on where you are in this world you may be in lockdown or keep going in and out of lockdown like myself, this often leads to most of us consuming more inside time such as technology, gaming, and watching Netflix statistics wise on a report in 2020 gaming has quickly emerged as one of the most used and best hobbies to do during the start of the initial outbreak, This especially goes for the younger generations such as the Millennials and Gen Z spent more time gaming and checking social media then going outside because they’re under government regulation lockdown or cautious roaming around.

2: Streamers

It has never been a better time to start streaming on Twitch or YouTube, Because most of us have limited roaming access, cannot travel the inner state, or are completely locked in our houses altogether many people have been turning to platforms such as YouTube or Twitch to keep themselves entertained this only means it’s never been a better time to start your own youtube or twitch channel or for existing streamers to stream their favorite gaming content better then they have ever before!

3: $3.4 billion To Australia’s Gaming Industry Since The Start Of The Pandemic

From mobile games, games, consoles, and some e-sports the industry has grown massively almost all of us had to make some pretty big lifestyle changes especially when it comes to how we socialize so it’s no surprise that the industry has skyrocketed, A 2021 report says that a graph based on people gaming in 2019 Versus 2020/2021 the two recent years 2020/2021 have a far bigger graph!

So while many school teachers hated video games for it being a distraction to their student’s work or for people saying that

“You play video games too much you can” now you can show them this article, Because gaming has helped us through the worst of times, and as long as it’s not abused it’s an amazing hobby to do to get your mind off things.


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