15 July 2024

Why Activision Remastering Spyro Was The Right Thing To Do (SpyroReignited Trilogy)

WrldFait By WrldFait Jul 16, 2021

Back in the day, it’s hard not to forget the memories of playing Spyro on the original

it was fun, adventurous, and overall an amazing game to play around with, From the amazing storyline, good graphics for its time, and collectibles you can also find along your adventure in completing the game whether that was The Original, Ripto’s Rage or Year of the Dragon it was an extremely fun series to play around with and definitely one of my personal favorites for sure it’s a game that released their debut version in 1998.

These are my top 5 reasons why I personally think they did the right thing in giving this game a remaster.

1: Blast From The Past (With New technology )

We all like a blast from the past with new technology especially when it’s from an amazing well-made game such as this, It’s just so fascinating to see such an old classic and any other old classics get redeemed into new technology and a modern setting, Not every old game should stay in the past and it’s not something myself can ever agree with, Now we can bring an old classic back to the light which clearly brings me to my second point.

2: New Technology Means Updated Consoles

As everyone knows when time goes on old technology just gets forgotten whether that’s an old phone, computer or even console they just get FORGOTTEN and we no longer care about them, This only means that older games such as Spyro are just left un-played and forgotten since the platforms they are available on no longer barely exists or they might not work on newer T.V technology (which can be true for many older consoles such as the PS and PS2 that used tube TV technology and is in no way designed for flat-screen TVs) so remastering is really an amazing way that they’ve brought an amazing game even to today’s standards back to the light for a little longer.

3: More Gaming Titles Equals More Sales

Another great reason I personally think that bringing back older games to the light is a good idea is, It gives the gaming platforms (consoles) more titles to choose from and remastering games that have existed in the past to existing again is an amazing way to do this!

Whether it’s Crash Bandicoot, Spyro or the older Grand Theft Auto series I think making these titles relevant again will not only bring the consumer back memories and more reason to buy that particular console but it will increase sales since people are dying to get their hands on that game, Some may have been trying for many years.

4: Memories Sake

I don’t know and cannot speak for everyone else but since this is my personal perspective I’m going to mention this, Memories are vital to most of us whether it’s music, sounds, A old movie, or even A old video game they all can trigger memories in our brain and fire those neurons everything it’s connected to.

Especially when it comes to a game like Spyro that has an amazing storyline and is so addictive you be able to get a lot of playtime in (hopefully in your free time of course) As I was saying any game that has the potential to bring back memories is definitely one worth re-lighting and keeping in the forefront.

5: Don’t Kill The Fun

We may not fully [I]Realise [/I]this but when an old game dies so does the fun with it, It’s really sad seeing an old game that has so much potential but due to how technology needs to stay updated it just fades away to never return and sometimes even never be thought of again, This game with it’s 3 old versions has always shown time and time again how they know how to structure things and keep the storyline interesting and alive, A dragon that can talk and go on crazy adventures what more could you ask for?

Bringing this back really just made things so much fun known a true classic finally got a remaster!

My ending point is, Not every game should just die off because of its age,

That old song from the 70s that was on tape you like, Should we just stop it being available?

Hell No! everyone has converted it onto digital modern platforms so they can be played again and again such as iTunes or Spotify the same should always go for older video games that left a spot in this world.

– Fait


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